Our Mission

Our Mission is to setup the Biggest Hospital of Moradabad - Big in Saving Lives and Big in Changing Lives

Mission Statement Explained

In Brightstar Hospital we have created the biggest hospital of Moradabad - Biggest in Size. Our mission is to make this hospital, the ultimate destination for the patients in matters of life and death. We are going to have the most advanced Intensive Care Unit which will be manned by some of the finest medical minds in the country. They will be supported in their endeavour to save precious lives by a trained and dedicated team of nurses and paramedics. We would fight communicable diseases, accidents and non-communicable diseases by spreading the message of good health. We will not only save lives but also change lives for the betterment of the human civilization.

Our Vision

To Be The Bright Shining Light of a Star in the Lives of Our Patients At a Time When They Need Us The Most

Vision Statement Explained

Most of the human beings are able to lead their lives on their own with the help of their friends and family. They are capable of taking all their decisions with the help of resources at their command. When illhealth and disease strikes them, they feel helpless and need support and guidance. They are not able to understand what is happening to their body which they have been using all their life. This is the time when they need someone who can be trusted for its ethics, knowledge, skills and capability. We would like to be that pillar of support in their lives at a time when they need us the most. We would like to be an institution known for its excellence in fighting disease and curing humans.