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Why Coronary Angiography is Done

Coronary means Heart and Coronary Angiography is done to check the blockage in the arteries which carry blood to the heart. There are 4 major Coronary Arteries. When a child is born these arteries are soft and clear of any kind of blockages. Over the years due to several factors which includes sedentary lifestyle, smoking, heredity, junk and oily food, obesity, there is fat deposit on the walls of the coronary arteries. This deposit narrows the artery and the blood supply to the heart gets reduced. Whenever such a person exerts a little bit there is pain in the heart and the danger of a heart attack becomes a reality. This disease is called Coronary Artery Disease and the test to diagnose the diaease is called Coronary Angiography. Every person would be having some amount of blockage in the arteries but the problem is not grave until the blockage goes beyond 60-70%. In such situations the person would start having symptoms of coronary artery disease like pain in the chest, arms or legs. Basic tests like ECG, TMT, Echocardiography also indicate the presence of the coronary artery disease but the best test to fully and correctly diagnose the disease is Coronary Angiography. This test can also be done on CT Scan machine but the results are not as good as those on a Cath Lab.

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How Angiography is Done

Coronary Angiography is available in only 100 odd cities of India and Moradabad is one of them. The test can be done only on a special machine called Cath Lab. This machine costs in excess of 2 crores of Rupees and therefore very few hospitals have installed the machine. The test is done by Interventional Cardiologist who specializes in the treatment of heart disease. After MBBS one has to do MD (Medicine) for 3 years and then do DM in Cardiology which is again a course for 3 years. The total study done by a Cardiologist is atleast 11 years. There are very few good interventional cardiologists in the country and this is also one of the reason for the low availability of the Cath Lab. In this test the patient lies on the table and the cardiologist gives local anaesthesia to the patient. The test can be done through the femoral artery of the leg or the radial artery of the hand. The cardiologist inserts a very thin wire into the artery and pushes it further till it reaches the coronary artery near the heart. X-Rays emitted by the machine produce live images of the coronary arteries on the computer screen and the cardiologist is able to find out the extent of blockage in the arteries. If any artery has more than 70% blockage then the next procedure for reducing this blockage called angioplasty can be done in the same sitting which saves time and money for the patient.

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Best Doctors and Cost

Dr. Anupama Bansal is one of the best DM Cardiologist in the entire state of Uttar Pradesh for doing EP Studies. The test is done on state of art 16" Flat Panel Cath Lab imported from Philips, Netherlands. Dr. Anupama has more than 17 years of experience in the treatment of all heart problems including interventional cardiology procedures like Angioplasty. Dr Anumpama Bansal has done her post graduation (MD) in Medicine and Superspecialization (DM) from the prestigious King George Medical College, Lucknow. Coronary Angiography requires the patient to get admitted in day care and is discharged within few hours from the hospital if the angiography has been done through the hand which is called Radial Angiography. If the angiography has been done through the thigh, called Femoral Angiography then the patient has to be in the hospital for one night. The cost of Coronary Angiography at our hospital is Rs. 10,000. The cost in metro towns for the same procedure is close to Rs. 20,000. If Angioplasty is done in the same sitting then only 50% cost of the Angiography is charged from the patient. If the patient is on blood thinners then those medicines have to be stopped for two days before angiography can be done. Patients who are suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease are at high risk during this procedure because a dye is injected which can harm the kidneys.

About the Hospital

Brightstar Hospital which commenced operations in the year 2020 is the largest hospital in the city of Moradabad. With 300 beds capacity the hospital has changed the Medical Landscape of Western Uttar Pradesh and made Moradabad as the Medical Hub of the region. The Hospital is promoted by a group of entrepreneurs including some of the best medical professionals of the city. The Hospital offers superspecialty services in the fields of Neurosurgery & Neurology, Critical Care, Urology, Gastroenterology, Cancer Surgery, Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Endocrinology and Interventional Radiology. The hospital also offers specialty services in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynaecology including IVF, General & Laparoscopic Surgery, Orthopaedics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Pathology, Dental Surgery, Physiotherapy and Rehab.

Medical Technology

Brightstar Hospital has brought the latest, cutting edge, state of art medical technology to the city of Moradabad. The hospital is equipped with the Latest MRI, CT Scan, Cath Lab, Ultrasound, Colour Doppler, Digital X-Ray, 2D Echocardiography, PFT, Mammography and Bone Densitometry to give the diagnostic accuracy to our medical team. The 50 bedded intensive care unit is equipped with the latest multipara monitors, centralized oxygen supply and life saving ventilators. Our Modular Operation Theatres are equipped with C-Arm, Operating Microscopes, Fully Automatic Anaesthesia Workstations and Hepa Filters to carry out the most complex of the surgeries with great accuracy and surgical precision. The entire hospital is connected through a centralized Hospital Information System and PAX Solutions to make us a fully Digital Hospital. All our Diagnostic Machines are fully digital and we discourage the use of X-Ray Films keeping the environmental concerns in mind.

A Professional Medical Team

We have gathered some of the finest medical minds at Brightstar Hospital to match our infrastructure. Our team of doctors are highly qualified and carry with them rich experience of treating the most complex of the medical problems. The multidisciplinary team of doctors ensure that every case is discussed and comprehensive treatment is provided to our patients. Our OPD's provide consultation services with Specialist and Superspecialist doctors. The Operating Rooms have the services of some of the best surgical hands assisted by a team of anaesthetists. The Intensive Care Units are manned by Critical Care Specialists and Anaesthetists. Our team of doctors are assisted by highly trained paramedics in the diagnostic field. Our Nursing Team efficiently carries out the doctor's instructions and provide compassionate care which speeds up the healing process. The Physiotherapy Team makes sure that your recovery is quick and complete.

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